Women First is overjoyed to offer online childbirth and parenting preparation classes that you can conveniently take from your home.

What to expect in our virtual class?

Every woman’s labor and delivery experience is unique. Prenatal classes can only serve to give the expectant couple an overview of the labor and delivery experience. An increased understanding of the birth process has proven to help relieve fear and anxiety, thus making having a baby a positive experience.

Our virtual class covers everything from the stages of labor and delivery to post partum and infant care. We practice guided relaxation and breathing techniques. Melissa will demonstrate various labor positions using birthing and peanut ball devices. We will also provide you a guided verbal tour of the Triage, Labor and Delivery, and Post Partum units.

Melissa is holistically trained and certified. Her goal is to promote a healthy and satisfying childbirth experience through education for both our traditional Labor and Delivery Unit, as well as, our Karmanos Center for Natural Birth.


How it works:
  • Once you purchase your seat to the virtual class, we will email you instructions.
  • Virtual classes will taught using Zoom.  
  • Check with your insurance company for partial reimbursement of the class cost.

Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds once the online course has been purchased.

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