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Women First is overjoyed to offer in office childbirth preparation classes.

What to expect in our class?

Every woman’s labor and delivery experience is unique. Prenatal classes can only serve to give the expectant couple an overview of the labor and delivery experience. An increased understanding of the birth process has proven to help relieve fear and anxiety, thus making having a baby a positive experience.

Both Allison and Katie have been labor and delivery nurses for almost a decade. Their goal is to provide a healthy and satisfying labor and delivery journey through education. From personal and professional experience, they plan to help with your childbirth preparation, having you leave the class more confident and prepared.

Each class will be two sessions which will be held on Tuesday nights, 7:00pm – 9:00pm in the comfort of Women First lobby. During these two sessions Allison and Katie will be discussing pregnancy basics, understanding labor and birth, medications and anesthesia along with the basics of a cesarean birth and postpartum.

$150.00 total. (Includes two sessions)

Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds once the course has been purchased.