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Certified Nurse Midwives

We respect the values, culture, choices and preferences of the woman and her family while promoting optimal health.

Women First Ob/Gyn is now offering women a Nurse Midwifery option for comprehensive care with birth out of Beaumont Hospital in the new, state-of-the-art Karmanos Natural Birth Center!

Our Midwives believe every woman has the right to a healthy and happy birth experience. They are committed to the natural, normal process of pregnancy, labor and birth while respecting healthy, safe outcomes for both mom and baby. Their passion is advocating women through education and providing options in healthcare. Our Midwives have proudly assisted thousands of women and their families in making safe and satisfying healthcare decisions. They believe in empowering women to make well-informed decisions about their own healthcare and the healthcare of their families.

Our midwives also provide well women care in addition to prenatal, birth and postpartum care. Annual exams, Gynecology visits for infections, Pre-conception counseling, Natural family planning, Contraception, and Lactation support.


As Certified Nurse Midwives we are highly trained health care professionals.

  •   Bachelor degree in Nursing
  •   Master degree in Midwifery
  •   20 years of experience in labor & birth
  •   Board Certified & Licensed

Certified Nurse Midwives are experts in normal pregnancy.

  •   Pregnancy & birth are viewed as normal life transitions
  •   More time spent with you during prenatal visits
  •   Extra labor support to promote a vaginal birth
  •   Use of pain management coping techniques during labor and can also provide an epidural if desired